Thursday, May 7, 2020

Message of the Day

(Side Note: My readings aren't date specific. It is meant for you by the mere fact that you've arrived to this blog post! The Universe is always guiding us places to send you clear messages to help you along your way. Enjoy today's reading).  

Part of my morning ritual is to clear my mind, lightly sage my space, surround myself with my crystals and pull a card to foretell the energy I will experience that day. 

Let me just be 100% honest by saying: I don't always draw the 10 of Cups in my daily read. In fact, I WISH I DID because it is considered LUCKY. It is literally one of the happiest cards in the Tarot deck. 

It signifies happiness, abundance, alignment, fulfillment in life and love. When you pull this card as your message of the day, it means joy is ahead of you. 

Since we are experiencing a Full Moon today, this card is reassuring you that the deep tears you shed, the inescapable anxiety or "dark night of the soul" you've wrestled with is meant for your highest good. We must feel, so we can heal. What waits on the other side of it is a greater understanding of yourself in which ultimate joy and happiness can be experienced! 

I used to wonder why my mom would say "all the crazies come out during full moon time." But I'm happy to say, that after extensive time researching, I found why that is. The moon is a feminine energy and femininity rules the emotions. Every time a full moon occurs it marks a culmination point in certain areas of our life AND turns up the dial on everyone's emotions. In other words, lots of crazy stories tend to headline the news or down the hall of your apartment complex.  

Depending on the sign the moon lands in (today it's Scorpio) is super telling how a full moon will energize a culmination in your life. It could be relationships, finance, work, etc. 

Want to know where Scorpio falls in your chart? Drop me a comment below and tell me what your astrological sign is! 

My sun sign is Libra. Scorpio rules my second house of work and finances. While it would bring to culmination anything work and money related, the sign of Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac. Which means, it doesn't necessarily have to affect a specific area of your life- it can trigger our emotions in multiple areas. 

You might be thinking how could the moon do this? Well, my favorite example is the ocean. Scientifically, the moon pulls the tide. When it's full, the tide rages high. Now think of your body, isn't it made up of over 70% water? Now if the moon can pull the tide in a massive ocean, why would it not influence your energy? 

Now that I ran off on a tangent about astrology, let me close out today's message by saying that this is card is a VERY GOOD omen. You could start feeling things lighten up today or over the next 10 days. Either way, please don't lose faith or hope because better days are coming! 

Thank you for being here with me today. I hope this message resonated with you! If it did, would you share with me in the comment section below? <3 

If you would like more insight in a certain area of your life, get on my calendar for a personal reading. See the sidebar to the right for more details.

Have a wonderful day!


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