Monday, May 4, 2020

What Advice Does The Universe Have For You? {Pick A Card Tarot Reading}

Welcome and thank you for being here today. Since I'm officially out of the "broom" closet, I thought what better way to commemorate this occasion than hosting my very first "Pick-a-Card" Tarot Reading!  

I strongly believe in my heart you are here today because there is a message meant to help you along your journey. I bring forth only good vibes to steer you toward what's right for you.

To gain maximum benefit from this experience, all you need to do is take a nice cleansing breath in, and let it out. Examine each pile and chose one that is grabbing your attention.

If multiple piles are vying for your attention, then by all means, follow your intuition and read the messages.

Are you ready?

Pile #1: Rose Quartz

If you picked pile #1: rose quartz -- Rose Quartz crystal is a stone that represents universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, and encourages unconditional love. 
Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. The energy of your reading is centered around the heart space and today's advice will point you in the direction of amplifying the love in all areas of your life!

3 of Pentacles:   Insert motivational expression here: "Team work makes the dream work!" This particular card is about teamwork. Pair it with rose quartz crystal? The message is simple: Time to bring forth your heart-centered passion project or business!

Do you feel held back from stepping up to the plate? Now is the time to collaborate or seek support from a team, a trusted friend or a coach to help bring forth your confidence. It truly helps to have someone on your side not only reminding you of how capable you are to shoot for the moon, but also to find those pesky self-sabotaging words that energetically hold us back from claiming success!

If your confidence is well-endowed, perhaps it's  professional expertise you need. Get busy typing out a status update to your personal network on Facebook asking for a referral of a web designer, Social Media expert, etc. You know your friends and family will be happy to refer you to someone they trust.

The Strength Card:  This card advises you to take time out today to listen to fears ranting beneath the surface. It's important to be honest with how you feel about where you are right now. Don't slap on a happy face over deep seated feelings. Throwing yourself into working or zoning out to social media won't solve it either.

Really listen -- as if it were your best friend opening up about her feelings. If you need to untangle your thoughts and gain clarity, my favorite practice is journaling. You can easily do this with pen and paper -- (rip it up if you are worried someone will see it). Or ---open up your notes section on your phone and type away.  If you're really stuck, pretend you're writing to the most compassionate friend. Pour your heart out.

Bonus points if you create a soothing atmosphere: light a candle, draw a bath, turn on relaxing music, and wrap yourself in a blanket to show love and compassion for your feelings.

Truth is: feelings don't last forever, like we think. They roll through like waves and they roll out beautifully if we truly embrace them with love and acceptance.

The Tower: It's time for a shake-up to your personal life-- more specifically your routine and possibly the way you think. You have been going down this path for too long not feeling the way you know you deserve to feel. How do we change it?

So, let's assess for a moment: (Give YOURSELF total HONESTY):

1. What area of your personal life hasn't been bringing you total and complete happiness?

2. What would you need to change in order to make it feel good again?

3. What action steps can you take today/tomorrow to put you on a better path? (can be a super tiny step or a big one!)

Journal or share in the comment section below for help!

Pile #2: Aqua Stone

The aqua stone- my unofficial title for them gem stone- is healing down to it's very oceanic core. You place it where you feel pain and it soothes the same way a nice dip on the water does. I never believed in the healing power of crystals until I met this one- I have a feeling your reading is going to be about healing existing pains in your life!

Justice: Is there someone who has been reaching out to you that has caused you pain? Hear them out. If they aren't in contact with you now is the time to seek understanding of the situation. Holding onto anger, replaying the scenario in your mind over again will only bring you down- not them. Maybe this person is misguided. Maybe they had a bad upbringing and it skewed their perception on how to treat another. Whatever the case may be, seek understanding so you can be free from this situation once and for all.  The gift of forgiveness is a huge level-up for you. Why wait another minute stewing when you could be renewing your life to a higher level of happiness.

8 of Pentacles: Stay focused on you. If you've been feeling lost and overwhelmed, take care of your energy. Focus on things that bring you joy so the joy can align you with all good things that want to come into your experience now!

10 of Cups:  No matter what might be bringing you down, embrace this feeling of love and gratitude.  Hold on to it as you move toward that vision of the life you want. Have no doubts that it will be yours, but don't just assume it will happen without a little work and planning.

Pile #3: Turquoise Stone

Stone Meaning/ Energetic Influence on Your Reading: In many ancient cultures, the turquoise stone was worn by warriors for protection. It helped elevate themselves during battle and brought them through to peace. 

The Magician: If you were looking for a sign, this is it! You have everything you need to step into your power, babe! Your inner resources and physical resources are all that you need to get this thing off the ground. You're divinely protected and divinely guided from above to move toward your desires. 

The Fool: As if the first card wasn't already a sign to go- The Fool is another confirmation from The Universe that the time is NOW to take a chance! Whatever you heart truly desires to manifest, take action to bring your wildest dreams come true- the conditions are just right, the time is now! Get in front of a camera and share your truth to help others; tell someone how you truly feel; don't be afraid-- embrace your spontaneous side and let the chips fall where they may!

Queen of Pentacles: Trust the forces that have taken care of you up until this point. If you're holding onto fear of uncertainty, look back to a time in your life when you didn't see a way through, but something came out of the blue to help you. That was The Universe- and it won't leave you lonely where you are now. Keep yourself focused on doing what you can to keep your spirits high and before you know it, the tide will turn for the better!

Now it's your turn! Which pile did you pick? Did it resonate with your situation? Let me know in the comment section below if you would like to see more pick-a-card readings! 



  1. Michael J RoyerMay 5, 2020 at 9:57 AM

    Whoa this is accurate!

    1. 'Twas meant for you! So glad you stopped by to try my "Pick-a-Card" reading! More to come :)


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